Antenatal Preparation

Preparation is key.

Many clients prefer to meet during their pregnancy, usually between 34 and 38 weeks to prepare for breastfeeding.


Consultations are usually up to two hours long and can be used to discuss expectations, write a feeding plan and to learn how to hand express.

Breastfeeding Support

Visits at home in the early days can help to get breastfeeding off to the best start.


One consultation is usually enough time to discuss the birth, current feeding problems and set you back on track.

A home visit lasting up to two hours is priced at £150.

Video Call Support

Support via video call is our new normal! Support as it would be in your home; watching a feeding, answering your questions and supporting you in your feeding journey.

Video calls are charged at £100 per hour.

Telephone Consultations

Although I recommend advice to be given in person where a full assessment can be made, telephone consultations are available for £100 per hour.

The Full Package

The full package includes a home visit during pregnancy to discuss your expectations and to write a feeding plan, followed by two home visits within the first 28 days (to suit mother and baby) for that extra reassurance.


This full package is priced at £400.

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